IPC Guidelines and Questionnaire - National Reports (2019년 12월 31일)

Dear Mr Koo,

The IPC has met in full Sessions since 1948. A valuable practice as part of that Session is to collect information and data from Member Nations, in the form of National Reports. These serve as valuable records to the stakeholders of IPC: they allow us to measure the progress and success of the work we do; and, they form a basis and a point of departure for the technical exchange that is our mutual interest.

As you know, these National Reports are prepared by the National Commissions of the IPC in a common format, so that the information is comparable and mutually intelligible. The Reports are then compiled and distributed by the IPC Secretariat shortly before the IPC Session.

With this purpose in mind, we therefore request you to prepare your National Report for transmission to the IPC Secretariat by the 1st of April 2020. To that end, please find attached for your consideration this year’s Guidelines and Questionnaire for the National Reports. You will find it largely the same as that for the last Session in 2016, with a few modifications to allow for inclusion of other fast-growing species beyond the Salicaceae, in keeping with the IPC’s new scope. Please be in touch with the Secretariat for any inquiries you may have.

Thank you for your contributions to the IPC.

Best regards,